How to use AMP in WordPress

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AMP (accelerated mobile pages) is an open source project by Google to make the web fast and better for all users. basically is the second version of your site which is to be open fast on mobile devices, I mean to say that after setup AMP on your site your webpage requested by the user from mobile devices is opened in AMP Version of that Search Query which is tremendously Load Fast than the Normal non-amp Version Of the Page.

Amp-accelerated mobile pages

Step To Setup AMP on Your WordPress Website

  1. login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. in left navigation click on the plugins.
  3. click on ADD NEW and Search For AMPamp-search
  4. here you see AMP for WordPress and AMP for WP on the top Install both the plugins.
  5. First Activate AMP for WordPress after that Activate AMP for WP By Ahmed Kaludi.
  6. After Activating AMP Plugin your Both AMP Plugins are Successfully Activated.
  7. Click on AMP Link On the left Navigation AMP dashboard is Open. amp-dashboard
  8. As you see the I’m a Run Installation Wizard and AMP Option Panel, Click on Run Installation Wizard, Follow These Steps and Setup Your AMP Post and Pages.

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